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Pakal Veedu

Pakal Veedu - Caring India

A registered charitable society

Alternatives for the aged since 1996

pioneering better social set up for providing a sense of meaning in the twilight of life
Glorious contribution in the service of the senior citizens

Just imagine the plight of old people in the poorest sections of society.Too old to work,too poor to make a living,nobody to look after,nothing to look forward to . We have taken up this challenge to give a new meaning to their life,thus started the Daycare Centre at two slums HARVIPURAM and CHENNIOLD , Trivandrum.We run this centre totally free through donations.

We also run a Daycare Centre at Pongummudu, Trivandrum for the clients who can afford to pay. We provide them an environment of rest , peace and relaxation of mind.Even this service is charged at a subsidized rate.

Aging comes with a host of problems, failing health, sense of insecurity and loneliness. rather than mere spectators to a graying generation, a handful of people had the vision for a concrete solution .This is CARING INDIA , a pioneer venture for the most needy area of society.

Caring India was founded on 8 th April 1996 with a lone client and a shoestring budget of Rs. 2000/-. The only fixed assets were the faith in the One who called and the vision to serve the needs of the aged. Today Caring's services are enjoyed by 70 clients and runs on an annual budget of Rs. 4 lakhs.

Caring India is a registered charitable society catering to the aged in our society.It runs day care centres for the aged popularly known as "Pakal Veedu" ( Day Home).


In the mid -1990 in thiruvananthapuram ,Rev.Samuel Varghese went to call on his friend's old father .His friend was a successful doctor in the United Kingdom.The Reverned found the old gentlement alone in a big hous e in the care of a "nonsense" nurse. Seeing the priest ,he attempted to sit up but the nurse would not allow him to do so.This provoked the Reverned to help t he old man to a sitting position .To his horror , he saw the old man's back was covered with bed -sores! When he reached home,he called his friend who replied that he sent money regularly and engaged a nurse to look after his father There was nothing more he colud do as he was busy .The old gentleman died a few days later.

Father Samuel Varghese was outraged ,so he resolved to do something for senior citizens who were being neglected by their children.He enlisted the help of his friends and inspired them with his vision of a day home-Pakal Veedu in Malayalam for old people.It wold be a day - care center offering them the companionship of people of similer age and needs, wholesome food ,facilities for medical check-up and physiotherapy,along with activities for mental alertness and spiritual growth. As a result of his persistent efforts,a group of eminent men from various walks of life came together to form "Caring India"(a unique day -care center for senior citizens ). On April 8,1996 , it was inagurated as a registered charitable society catering to the aged ,irrespective of religion ,caste or ethnic background.

The venue was a rented house,pleasent and inviting ,with its ornamental shrubs and palm trees.A van to pick up the people from their homes in the morning and to take them back in the evening was the first investment . Attracted by this novel center,senior citizens of Thiruvananthapuram began to join -a trickle at first which soon swelled to around 70 people a day.


Typical day starts with picking up our clients from their homes in our van . The Caring Staff receives them with a smile followed by a cup of tea.Then it is the time to unwind and relax Assortment of activities awaits them further .They are

Briefing current news and events

Devotional Sessions

Simple games for mental alertness

Medical checkup &Physiotherapy

Celebration of personal events like Birthday etc

A sumptuous lunch

A light refreshment at 4 PM

By evening the clients are dropped back to their homes


The most pressing need at present for CARING INDIA is a permanent place of its own. Presently CARING is operated from a rented building.So far we have shifted four buildings. This brings lot of logistic difficulties and interuption to our programmes.Hence a building of its own is a necessity.Convinced about our need,one of the well wishers has come forward offering his property at a convenient location.In view of the present and future requirement of CARING, this is a golden chance which we cannot afford to miss. Without the prayer and participation of all , this property cannot be acquired.Hence we appeal to all our well wishers to generously contribute towards this noble cause.


Caring India is a niche ministry among the aged.It is a real help to those who aspire to celebrate the evenings of life.We started our Caring Fellowship centre on 8th April ,1996 with just one frail elderly woman in a rental home in Trivandrum , Kerala.Now, it is grown to the present stature of 120 clients,and 7 staff and 13 governing board members.Caring India is a charitable non-profit society regsitered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary scientific Charitable Societies Act 1955.

CARING is christian's Awareness of their Responsibility to Individuals in Need of Grace.I would recollect the day when I was on a house visit. I came across an 86 year old man confined to his bed , a widower who had none tocare for him ,except a home nurse. He had 3 children working abroad , but they had no time tospare for their father .God gave me a deep felt concern about the helpless aged parents .My wife and I took one whole year to pray and seek God's guidance regarding this greatchallenge, I realized that the lonely aged people needs community support to lead their normal lives.Thus Caring India was born as an answer to our prayers.

The guiding principle of Caring India is to provide loving care and support to the aged people without displacing them from warmth and security of their family environment.Today,loneliness is the biggest curse on the elderly people. Just imagine the plight of the old people in the poorest sections of the society. Too old to work ,too poor to make a living , nobody to lookafter and nothing to look forward. The Daycare centres at Chennilod slums and Harvipuram slum were started to impart hope and new meaning to the lives of those neglected people.

I praise God for our Caring family memebers,contributors and friendsof Caring India for their timely support. I request your valuable prayers as we seek Lords guidance and directions in the ministry even in the days to come.

Governing board

Patron : Most Rev Dr. Thomas Thimotheos
Founder and President : Rev Dr Samuel T. Vargheese
Vice President : M M Jacob
Director & Secretary : Dr Mrs Rachel Samuel K
Treasurer : Mrs Lally James
Members : Dr. Mrs Susy Thomas, Adv Alexander Willington, Mr C.P Mathew.

Caring India
PNRS 42, Priyadashini Nagar, Post Box 2486,
Medical college P.O, Trivandrum
Pincode : 695011
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